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We specialise in these three areas as we recognise from our experience with successful organisation the importance of good leadership, upskilling your staff and understanding the profitability of your products. Each service is there to make your business more competitive.

Interim Finance Director

Having a finance expert at hand, but without the expense on your payroll, can be a cost effective way of enhancing your businesses success. Working on a part time basis to suit the needs of your business, you will have an experienced Finance Director in your company who can deliver strategic direction, financial control, and drive improved performance!

Our Finance Directors are all successful, long serving, qualified accountants who have vast experience of Directorship roles within multiple organisations. This knowledge, experience and proven ability is there to help you achieve your business goals.

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Training and Mentoring

Giving you and your staff the support and financial training they need to maximise their potential can be a key driver of success for any business. Whether it be mentoring a Financial Controller to move into a Finance Director role, or delivering ‘finance to non-financial managers’, we can develop and deliver a programme to meet your needs!

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Pricing Strategy Consultants

Knowing your cost structure and how much to charge in order to make a profit is essential if you are to remain in business. From hourly charge rates to submitting tenders, the impact of getting your costs wrong can be disastrous!

We work with our clients to map exactly where every penny of your money is spent and how this determines the minimum price you should charge. In addition, we also work with you to identify costly areas of the business and implement business improvement programmes to further reduce costs, so enhancing your profitability and competitiveness even more

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