Social Media Case Study - Nick Lewis | Leigh Lawry Accountancy

Nick Lewis

The Challenge

Identify and prioritise key activities and develop specific actions in order to maximise business growth and profitability.


Nick Lewis Communications is a company specialising in social media marketing, training and consultancy. They have been in business for several years but have always found it challenging to prioritise activities and work on those opportunities (or threats) which deliver the greatest benefit to the business.

Despite trying with other consultants, they have not found a sustainable method for focusing on key activities, allocating resource accordingly and measuring the results. This has caused undue stress upon the business owner and was affecting their work and personal life.


  • Understand the business owners concerns and objectives
  • Capture all activities which could have an impact on the business
  • Review current product offering
  • Develop activity prioritisation matrix
  • Hold half day workshop


  • Current business position established
  • Desired future position and high level 5-year strategy identified
  • All major business activities reviewed and prioritised
  • Clear list of actions for the next 3 months developed


  • Clear list of actions for the next 3 months developed
  • Sense of control instilled within the business owner
  • Time, cost, effort and expected benefit for each activity evaluated and understood
  • Future steps, activities and potential benefits identified and being worked toward
Thanks once again for a great session this morning. You delivered exactly what I was looking for, and greatly helped me clarify my thinking and goals. Thanks once more for being a business consultant who actually delivers (so many don’t!),
Nick Lewis
Business Owner