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Training and Mentoring

Giving you and your staff the support and financial training they need to maximise their potential can be a key driver of success for any business. Whether it be mentoring a Financial Controller to move into a Finance Director role, or delivering ‘finance to non-financial managers’, we can develop and deliver a programme to meet your needs!


Upskilling staff and key employees so they can perform at higher levels and add more value to the business.


We offer training and/or mentoring to provide the skills and behaviours needed for individuals to quickly become more effective members of your team. We do this in groups (training) or on a one to one basis (mentoring).


Working on a one to one basis we provide coaching and mentoring to equip an individual with the right behaviours and competence to meet your specific objectives. This can include preparing key individuals for their next role / promotion (see case study: Biocatalysts Coaching). Similarly, it can be used to enhance an individual’s effectiveness or simply address poor performance.


We offer a range of training courses to upskill your staff in a variety of financial disciplines. Some of the standard courses we offer include:

  • Bookkeeping: Fundamentals
  • Xero: Introduction
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Finance for marketing

We can also develop bespoke training should you require it. All courses can be run at your premises, or as part of our open events This is where we offer training to a variety of businesses at one of our training venues.


  • Produce high performing individuals
  • Increased effectiveness of your staff
  • Fast track learning for groups or individuals
  • Improve the knowledge, understanding and competence of your team