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BNI South Wales

The Challenge

BNI Bevan enjoyed success several years ago, but performance has dipped more recently. Their position in the traffic light scoring system had fallen from amber in 2013 to a sustained period in the red (performance <50). The challenge was to move Bevan into the green (performance > 70)


BNI is a global business networking organisations with over 170,000 members who pass over $8.6bn of business a year. BNI monitor the performance of each chapter through various criteria (i.e. Number of members, number of referrals and value of business passed etc.). The results are published in a traffic light scoring system to produce a league table of chapters per region.
BNI Bevan is part of the UK and Ireland region, which has over 13,000 members and passes £409 million of business each year. BNI Bevan have experienced a loss of members and an associated decline in performance. Data shows they had fallen to 335th out of more than 600 chapters and were struggling to maintain any improvements.
With the appointment of a new leadership team (an annual occurrence at each chapter), which included a member of 383 Solutions, they were tasked with transforming the performance of the chapter.


  • Assess current position & identify desired future state
  • Gain leadership support and buy in
  • Create vision and mission statements
  • Communicate and align people within the organisation to a common goal
  • Enhance the organisational structure
  • Implement KPIs to deliver results


  • BNI Bevan were in the green after just 4 months, with a performance score of 75.
  • Their position improved from 271st to 75th in this 4 month period, before rising to 24th in the UK & Ireland league table.


  • Chapter size moved from declining to growing (8 new members introduced in 5 months)
  • TYFTB improved by 14% (£39,845 to £45,406 per month)
  • Better recruitment process implemented to improve quality of members
  • Improved quality of referrals
Leigh made an immediate impact on the performance of the chapter and positively influenced the culture within our group. He quickly identified the cause of our problems and successfully engaged all members to support the changes proposed.  There was clear and effective communication throughout, which was valued by everyone. 
Bevan BNI