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A & R

The Challenge

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
To introduce performance metrics which will drive the business forward. The metrics have to promote rapid growth, while being easy to understand, use and update.


A & R Cleaning had undergone considerable growth since foundation in April 2010, now employing over 30 people. In order to successfully manage the next phase of growth the company directors wanted to develop and implement a single metric which would provide the impetus for sustainable, and profitable business growth.
The metric had to be simple to update, utilise existing records (where possible), and provide key information to the Directors, both visually and numerically.


  • Talk to the Directors to understand their business
  • Identify the key driver for successful business growth
  • Understand who would use the metric and why
  • Review existing data collection and reporting systems
  • Acknowledge factors which could limit growth
  • Propose a system which satisfies the requirements of all Directors


  • Single factor identified to drive successful growth (contracted cleaning hours)
  • Limiting factor to growth identified (trained cleaning staff)
  • Single KPI developed measuring contract hours against ability to service those hours
  • Criticality of accurate costings appreciated, checked and enhanced


  • Rapid growth delivered through use of SMART sales targets (150% increase in contracted hours)
  • Better, and longer range forecasting capability
  • New standard costing model developed by 383 solutions to support profitable growth
  • Enhanced control through better forecasting
  • Less stress due to timely recruitment and training of staff to service additional work
We have grown by 150% in our contracted hours, our turnover has increased by 80% and our profit has increased by just over 50%.
Ashley Davies
Finance Director